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There has to be a rule for everything, it seems. That applies to the world of sports, too. And especially to football. Authorized for organizing football wordlwide is the FIFA (Fédéderation Internationale de Football Asssociation), which has its headquarter in Zurich, Switzerland and is subordinated to Swiss Laws.

Purpose of the FIFA, according to article 2 of the FIFA Statutes is:
a) to continuously accomplish improvement and expansion of football all over the world, by showing the significance football has on topics as unification of the peoples, cultural exchange, humanitarian and educational aspects; especially when football itself can be promoted by Youth and developing programmes.

b) the organization of international competitions.

c) to establish rules and regulations and ensure their observance.

d) in every way, the control of the association football by taking suitable and necessary action in case decisions and regulations set up by the FIFA could be harmed or hindered.

e) to prevent methods and activities jeopardizing integrity of games or competitions or lead to abuse of association football.
Article 2 defines the very task of the FIFA clearly:

Regulation and control of football on a global level. The necessity of internationally obliging rules is as obvious to everybody as a clearly defined procedure that begins when these rules are violated. But shouldn't the, from the FIFA itself proclaimed "Fair Play" have an influx on the process of deciding the harshness of punishment?

Looking on the sentence in the Cameroon case, the FIFA came to a decision which reminds of an "eye for eye" - commandment. How exactly the maintaining procedure is defined in cases of violation of rules, regulations and statutes held up by the FIFA, explain the FIFA Disciplinary Regulations.

Having read and keeping these Disciplinary Regulations in mind, 99% of the football fans on this planet conclude the FIFA decision lingers in oblivion. It seems to be impossible to explain the punishment of a 6 points deduction and a fine of CHF 200,000,00 the FIFA has imposed Cameroon's National Football Team.

Till today, there is no press release by the FIFA, which cites or refers to paragraphs or articles proclaiming the harshness of the punishment.
This offers room for questions about the objectivity the FIFA has as soon as it comes to Cameroon.