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The Team

„Lions Indomitables“ National Football Team spirit revokes national spirit. Cameroon’s national team plays a considerable role for the country’s self-esteem. The players have goaled themselves into an important position for their native country. As heroes for every generation and as pillars of social life, they helped building up a „home spirit“.

What made this possible? Taking a closer look at Cameroon’s history, the high impact of the „Lions Indomitables“ onto national self-understanding and self-confidence becomes evident. For centuries, having been under the regime and control of foreign countries and by this forced to accept exploitation of the land and its people, Cameroon lost the chance to create and define its identity: 200 languages, different tribes, various religious denomonations patchworked the land. So, football offered itself as a plattform to rebuild a united feeling and establish the idea of one nation, for raising a new self-confidence.

In 1922, a worker from Sierra Leone, brought a leather football to Cameroon. This can bee seen as the first step forward the nation’s new definition, or definition at all, of self-confidence.
68 years later, in 1990, the growing self-esteem and national pride climaxed as Cameroon entered the quarterfinals at the Football World Championships (FWC) in Italy.

This overwhelming result of a formerly „no name“ team led to an outburst of publicly shown self-confidence of all Cameroon inhabitants.
The team didn’t top the amazing result during the following years of the FWC. But that seemed not to be of any importance. The Cameroonians spiced football up by the way they moved on the field: seductive and sexy.
Since that glorious moment footballfans all over the world have been enjoying watching the „Lions Indomitables“ and loving them for how they do what they do.

This year, May 1st, Winfried Schaefer, former coach of the German Bundesliga, honered the LIONS with the title „Team of the Year“ on the Gala of African Football in Yarounde , Cameroon.
The team was elected in two more categories: Samuel Eto’o, forward, was elected „Player of the Year“ and Idris Kameni, features „Goalkeeper of the Year“.
„Lions Indomitables“ – we mustn’t miss them at the FWC in 2006.

Cameroon´s Football World Cup results so far:

1982 drop out in first round / third rank in group
1990 drop out quarterfinals
1994 drop out in first round / fourth rank in group
1998 drop out in first round / fourth rank in group
2002 drop out in first round / third rank in group


Name: Fédération Camérounaise de Football
Foundation: 1960
Postal address: B.P. 1116; Yaoundé
Tel: 00237/221 0012
Fax: 00237/221 6662
President: Mohamed Iya
Secretary-General: Jean René Atangana Mballa
Treasurer: Alhadji Alioum
FIFA Member since: 1962
FIFA Rank: Rank 13 / 710 Points
Tricot: green
Shorts: red
Socks: yellow